Street children in Conakry / Guinea

Maltreated, chased away, helpless, on his own. The aim of our project is to bring these neglected children out of their misery once a week with music, instrument making and dancing and to give them a few hours of joy. Conakry is the capital of the West African country of Guinea, one of the poorest countries in the world. Hundreds of children and adolescents live on the streets of this megacity social infrastructure, who no longer have a home because they are either orphans (keyword Ebola) or have been displaced from their homes because their parents were unable or unwilling to feed them. These children try to find food during the day, by begging, stealing or dangerous work and other shady services. During the night, they look for a place to sleep somewhere in town: as soon as the merchants leave the market stalls at half past five in the evening, they hide under the tables on a dirty cardboard box as a place to sleep. But often only one side of the road has to suffice for the overnight stay.

A street child lives dangerously and hopelessly
The street children are completely on their own, maltreated, starving, exposed to many dangers without protection, alone, without any care. For them the law of the street applies, their life is worth nothing. They will never attend school, never have a confidant who takes them seriously and listens to their problems. They often form groups with other street children, who also have to get by.

Our project - Building trust through music and instrument making
Our chosen, benevolent adult confidants go where the street children are, talk to them in their ethnic mother tongue, listen to their problems. If a trust is built up, we offer the street children the opportunity to come once a week to a hall we have rented, to build local instruments together in the simplest way possible and then to make music with them - they laugh, dance and sing: The best remedy against desolation! There will also be a warm and healthy meal.

Regular meetings - once a week
Once a week - that seems to be little. But for a street kid who doesn't know any rules or support, it's a big challenge to come to the same place regularly, but it's also a pleasure to do something good once a week and talk to someone who understands it. We can motivate the street child with a lot of goodwill and advice to tackle a better future.

10 francs is enough for 10 street children
The money donated goes directly to Conakry and is used for the materials used to build the instruments, rent the hall and prepare the hot meal. Costs: 9 Euro / 10 CHF per month for 10 street children.

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